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Outstanding Neurorehabilitation Through Knowledge Translation


My story is probably your story.

I was working with people with "neuro" diagnoses daily. I was also hearing about novel therapies for this growing population.

Yet, "academics" around me weren't communicating how to implement these treatments. And courses offered few practical tips on how to measure, manage, and restore function.


I also noticed that the clinicians around me had great ideas and interesting findings. But, they weren't sure how to communicate their ideas to others.  

Enter me, and what has become my passion (calling?): 

Assisting busy clinicians with understanding, applying, and communicating neurorehabilitation research.

My "What"

My "Why"

To Translate Knowledge Into Clinical Care to
Improve the Lives of the People We Serve

My Background

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Thanks for checking out my website!


I've been providing neurorehabilitation education to students and professionals for over 20 years. This has included teaching undergraduate and graduate coursework, research project mentoring for over 100 graduate students, and even co-developing one of the country’s first Neurological Residencies for OT’s.


I've also developed and tested approaches that assess or increase function and independence after stroke and other neurologic diseases. Many of them are now used internationally.


As one of the most cited scholars in the field of occupational therapy, I've published well over 140 peer reviewed articles, delivered over 400 lectures nationally and internationally, and served as guest issue editor for 12 special issues of rehabilitative and neurological journals. I've been named a fellow of the American Heart Association, The American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine, and The American Alliance of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance. In 2013, I was named to the "Roster of Fellows" by The American Occupational Therapy Association.


Finally, I perform service activities locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally, and served on numerous national and international review, advisory, and editorial panels. I also enjoy treating geriatric patients and patients with neurological disabilities locally.

I'm a lucky guy; I get to "live my mission" by developing and communicating the most effective approaches to improve patients' health, and I get to treat patients as a licensed clinician, which further informs my teaching and research.

My Education

Bachelor's of Arts (BA)
Masters of Science (MS)
Masters in Occupational Therapy
Post-Doctoral Fellowship
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