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Dr. Steve Page provides continuing education courses internationally
Clinician. Educator.
Award-Winning Scientist.
Professional Speaker.
Dr. Steve Page presents continuing education virtually

Hi! I'm Steve Page. If you're reading this, I'm guessing you read one of my papers or saw me lecture at a conference or educational course that you hopefully enjoyed. Or maybe you're one of my kids, who visit my website regularly (if so, get off of the Internet and please go to sleep).

Regardless of how you found me, THANK YOU for visiting.  Here you'll learn more about my body of work spanning over 25 years, including courses that communicate the best neurorehabilitation practices to clinicians for immediate, effective, clinical use.

In all, I've delivered continuing education courses to over 15,000 clinicians and consumers worldwide. I've also organized/co-chaired dozens of regional, national, and international continuing education courses focusing on neurorehabilitation. 

Let me help you and your team become the clinicians you wish to be!    

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