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Courses translating knowledge into outstanding rehabilitative care.

I teach with the following

continuing education companies:

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Dr. Stephen Page
Dr. Steve Page provides continuing education courses internationally
Clinician. Educator.
Public Speaker.

I'm passionate about communicating the best neurorehabilitation practices to clinicians for immediate, effective, clinical use.

That's why I've delivered continuing education courses to over 15,000 clinicians and consumers worldwide. I've also organized/co-chaired dozens of regional, national, and international continuing education courses focusing on neurorehabilitation.

Over Two Decades
Supporting Scientific Projects.

My team collaborates with individuals and companies to develop, edit, publish, and present their scientific work. 

Let us help you create that case study, abstract, presentation, or patient-facing document. 

Dr. Steve Page presents continuing education virtually
Dr. Stephen Page has published and edited hundreds of papers
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